With socializing on or off campus with only one other person, now the new rule, students across the country are reporting a rise in loneliness. Including students at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan). And for those with a supportive familial background, travelling home to recharge is also not an option. So how can students cope with loneliness, in the midst of a pandemic?

Students Union support

First and foremost, the UCLan students union is going above and beyond to provide support for students. This includes socially distanced and online activities. From interactive quizzes, watch parties and dance parties, to the dedicated social media platforms set up by the SU, there is a lot of student support available, that could keep you busy and distracted for a few hours, and even help you make new friends.

Reach out for help

If your loneliness is compounded by academic anxiety, depression or financial worries, don’t be afraid to reach out. UCLan have some amazing support set up, including:

Look after yourself

Keep looking after yourself during this time, including:

  • Visiting local parks- Avenham and Miller Park are still open for you to enjoy the wonder of Autumn unfolding outside. You can even meet up with one friend, as long as you practice social distancing.
  • Batch cook- finding the motivation and energy to cook every day is a tough one. Why not batch cook some healthy casseroles, or a good old hot pot, to make things easier for the rest of the week. You’ll also get the benefit of dopamine release, for completing such a useful task.

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