We were with letpads last year and our numbers increased. We didn’t even bother to look elsewhere as letpads have been great. Some of our new group were looking to stay in halls again. But now they moved in they are so happy with letpads just as we were. I really could go on for so long about them, from getting hold of them on a freezing night when the heating was not working and the plumber showed up at 9pm to get it fixed there and then. To locking myself out on a sun and being let in within an hour. You really do feel like you are part of something special, as they use the same workers so you get to know them too.


We have renewed now for our 3rd year, as our course is 4 years long. You can always get hold of the landlord so you always know no matter what you will never be left on your own wondering what to do. The house is modern and nicely decorated, even though we have been renewing we still got painters down to get the house painted to keep it looking nice and new. This was unexpected but a nice surprise. We also got our Internet speed increased as we had renewed.


We had some issues with our house last year so we were very cautious who we went with but we were recommended to letpads through friends of ours. We even took the house before it was done up as the landlord said he was going to modernise it for us. I truly could not believe the transformation when I moved in. You really can tell he takes so much pride in his work down to the fixtures and fittings and even the kitchen bins. As we got nice cream bins to match the new gloss kitchens. I had an issue with my handle and it was fixed the day I reported it. I just wish we were with him last year, as it would have saved us so much hassle.


We looked at pretty much most of the properties available as we probably went with over 10 different landlords but we decided to go with letpads as he did not try to pressure us and he answered every one of our questions, as we had a few. You can tell he knows what he is doing and it’s nice to talk to and meet the actual landlord rather than a letting agent. He was also fully accredited which is something we wanted too.


We just renewed with the landlord for next year. One of us could not pay the full terms rent for September and it was a real worry for us as a group and the individual concerned. But when we finally told the landlord we were really relieved that he was ok with it, mainly because he said we had been honest and open with him. Its now all been worked out and made us feel like we can recommend him to anyone.


Top guy he has helped me so much, sometimes I dread to think what may have happened if he had not been such a nice landlord. Had some financial issues but I spoke with him and we worked it out, he didn’t even speak to my guarantor as I communicated everything to him. Don’t even need to worry about things going wrong as I can get hold of him easy and I know it will be done. As we were with him last year so know he keeps on top of everything.


We had quite a few bits we asked the landlord to do when we first moved in but he got them all done and even updated the bathroom. Can’t think of anything to complain about. That’s why we just renewed.


House was really nice and clean when we moved in and some of my drawers were loose. I rang the landlord and he sent someone to fix them straight away. Our fridge freezer was also freezing up and we got a brand new one, so that was cool.


One of us was not happy with the wardrobe in her room and asked the landlord to take it out and she would get her own. Instead the landlord came the next day with a bedroom fitter and we got fitted furniture with desks and shelves, top result. Our shower went cold and we texted the landlord about 9pm and it was fixed by 11am the next day.


Nice bloke easy to get along with. Our boiler was leaking and stopped working. Had a plumber out same day and he fixed it the next day, as it needed parts that had to be ordered.


Water was leaking from my bedroom window at the top. Rang landlord in the morning and it was sorted that same day, ended up being blocked gutters I was told. More than happy with that and would easily recommend.


I was locked out of my room but I had the key. I was turning the handle but could not get in my room. I was a bit worried as my dad was picking me up to take me home for the weekend and all my stuff was in there. I rang the landlord and someone came within an hour and fixed it. They put a new handle on it in the end. Also just last week we had no hot water and it was fixed again within an hour. I am not sure how it can get fixed so quickly but it shows to me they are a very professional outfit that really do know what they are doing.


My parents moved me in and we wrote a list of things we wanted doing, I did think some of the things were not an issue but my mother is a real worrier lol. But when I mentioned it to the landlord he was fine and he even made the effort to pop down and speak to my mum for 5 mins. She was very happy with that and said she could tell it was a professional outfit. All the bits were sorted too by the next day. Thankfully my mum has now left me to it.


We signed up with the landlord and he was really nice to talk to and happy to answer any questions. We really liked the landlord and wanted the house but the only problem was that it only had one shower room. We were really happy when the landlord agreed to put in another one for us, we thought we were being cheeky but he said he was happy to sort it as he is always looking to improve his houses and values feedback from students. So it was nice to hear that he was interested in our thoughts and feedback.


No complaints here, fixed everything we needed to be done and doesn’t bother us either. Our house was a right mess once when he was there and we thought we were well in for a telling off. But he was sound infact he just laughed about it, as he was also a student at UCLAN too. But as he was leaving he did have a little serious word with us about it haha we thought we had got away with it. But it was a fair cop and we cleaned it up no bother.