When should I start looking for my student house?

We advise you to get a solid group where you all know each other. As the last thing you want is to be falling out with each other. There is no perfect time to start looking as such. All we can say is that we are always full year on year, so if you want to stay in a letpads home we can only advise to get in touch ASAP and see for yourself the best student houses Preston has to offer. Unlike other landlords we ask you to look at everything out there and come to us last. As year on year our phones are ringing with students wanting to take properties they had seen with us only for us to have to let them down as they have been taken.

Why choose letpads?

Well we were students too at uclan so we know exactly what it’s like. We won the prestigious landlord of the year award (voted by students) from the uclan students union beating over 70 landlords. We are also accredited by Unipol, Preston City Council, accommodation for students and are HMO license holders. We hope that tells you we are serious about the service we provide at letpads.

Can I park my car outside my letpads home?

Yes you can park your cars outside all of your letpads homes.

How do you fix any issues?

You report the issues directly to us then we keep you in the loop. Booking the relevant tradesman in and giving you a booking sheet so you know what’s happening and have the tradesman contact number.

How do I pay rent?

Rent is paid termly when you get your loans in September, January and April. If you are doing a nursing degree and you get a monthly bursary we can set the rent monthly if that’s better for you. Hey we were students too so we knows exactly what it’s like.

How do I get hot water?

Yes every letpads home has new modern high tech combi boilers. What does that mean??? Well it means you have instant hot water whenever you want it so no having to wait for it. All boilers are highly efficient too with well know brand names. No cheap rubbish, we treat every home as we would our own. You will see brand names throughout your home.

How big is my room?

The majority of all letpads rooms have double beds

Is wifi inc in my rent?

Yes wireless wifi is set up and ready to go in every letpads home yeaahhhh baby

Our wifi doesn’t work

Press the reset button on the modem with a pin for 90 seconds that usually sorts it. If not the wifi tech support company can diagnose.

How big are letpads homes?

We have rooms available for all groups and sizes so if you looking for a room, 2 bed or right up to 12 beds or more get in touch. We have houses on the same street too so you can all be together in a huge group woop

What if one of our group drops out, do we have to pay?

You don’t need to worry about one of your group dropping out, as you are only liable for your own rent so you don’t have to worry about other people in your group dropping out.

Which days are our bins collected?

Check out Preston councils website for bin collection days. Just type your postcode in but remember you must put your bins out the night before otherwise if you miss it you will have 4 weeks rubbish as they are taken every 2 weeks. It’s recycling one week then the non recycling grey bin the week after.

Washing machine not working

The pull out drawer that you fill with powder and conditioner sometimes gets blocked. Take it out and wash well with very hot water and clean inside where the drawer goes in. Also if you have a dryer the filters needs to cleaned regularly.

Fresh air is needed

Your student houses need fresh air. Pls have your windows open daily for at least an hour. When you sleep, shower, cook and wash/dry clothes it creates moist air and condensation. All of this needs to get out of the house by opening windows and letting fresh air in.