This week saw the opening of the Christmas travel window for students. This is the perfect time to consider travelling back to the family home for the Christmas period, although you are advised to take two covid tests at the new testing sites on campus, before travelling. This can help accurately identify whether or not you have the virus, even if you are asymptomatic, before you travel. Testing now means that you will still have time to self isolate here, before travelling for Christmas, without missing any of the festivities, and without spreading the virus to other areas of the country.

So what can you actually do this Christmas? Well, this depends on the tier that the area you are travelling to is placed in. Tier 2 restrictions allow you to go to the pub, as long as you are eating, and you can meet with up to six people outside, in public spaces, and in places of worship. In Tier 3, the pubs are closed, along with leisure facilities including cinemas, theatres, bowling alleys and casinos. In both tiers, the non-essential shops including retail, hairdressers and gyms can open.

But what about returning in the New Year? Well, this week the Government announced that a staggered approach for students returning to university is advised. And this is what The University of Central Lancashire have announced, although no details to that effect have been outlined as of yet. Students should keep an eye on their UCLan inbox for more information.

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