With the UK now under lock-down, and normal activities suspended or changed to remote services, things can be overwhelming for students. Especially for those that have remained close to university and far away from family members. But despite the high anxieties, remote learning and working has become an essential, and you will still need to complete any outstanding assignments before the end of the year. So how can you keep up with your university deadlines during a pandemic? Well, here at Let Pads, as Preston’s award winning student landlord, we understand how difficult it can be. And we have produced this guide with some advice to help you stay on track.

How to keep up with your university deadlines during a pandemic

Keeping up with “normal” activities as much as possible during this difficult time is important. This includes attending all your virtual lessons, lecturers and seminars, and completing your independent study and assignments. To help you stay on track, you should consider:

  • Creating a work-space– most students will already have a work space or desk, set up to work from their bedroom or student accommodation. But for those that usually opt to work in a coffee shop or the library, working from home can be a big change. Not only is it likely that you will become distracted, but when you’re spending all your time inside it can be difficult to find the motivation to work. Choose a work-space next to the window, and keep all of your academic tools at hand.
  • Sleep well- with normal life upside down, it is important to get a good night sleep. This will help you stay motivated and productive, and avoid slipping into negative behavioural habits.
  • Eat well- be sure to eat nutritious food that will keep your brain energised and ready to focus.
  • Make a schedule- create a schedule to help you stay on track of your daily routine and to be sure that you can focus on your studies.

Most of all, stay safe, and stay inside.