With remote learning taking place across most of the university classes, and stringent measures in place to restrict social gatherings and promote social distancing, it is a unsettling time for many. Aside from taking care of your family and friends, and your own mental health, what else can you do to help pass the time? Well, there are a number of ways that you can contribute to your local Preston community during this time, while also keeping safe and protected, and reducing the spread of the virus. As Preston’s leading student accommodation providers, here at Let Pads, we know how upside down daily life currently is for many of our students. But there are also many ways that you can help.

How can students help the local community fight the impacts of coronavirus?

Simple measures that could make a big difference to your community include:

  • Checking on elderly neighbours- if your’e living in halls of residence, there probably wont be many elderly people to check in on. But if you’re in student houses around Preston, you could check on the people living in your street. Make sure they have enough daily essential to get by, without having to risk trips to the shops. However, stay 2m away from the door to avoid spreading the virus, and only check in on then when you are leaving for the shops. Do not make an unnecessary additional trip.
  • Don’t panic buy- we know that life is currently overwhelming, but panic buying stock is not the answer. Make sure you only buy what you need and leave plenty for NHS workers, key staff and the elderly.
  • Help out local children- with the schools closed, now is the perfect time to set up online tutoring for local school children. If you can help kids struggling with their homework, you’d also be helping anxious and worried parents.

However, the single most important thing you can do is to stay inside!

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