Managing deadline pressure at the best of times can be a challenge. And with the added stress imposed by a second national Lockdown, this can feel even more challenging than usual. The end of the first academic term fast approaching, and project or assignment deadlines are looming on the horizon. So what can you do to successfully and practically navigate deadline pressure during Lockdown?

Managing deadline pressure during Lockdown

To help navigate the pressures of deadline day, while coping with a national Lockdown, you should consider:

  • Making use of office hours- if your professor is offering office hours, even if these are virtual, you should try and make use of these if you need to. With the pandemic going out outside university, you might have missed out on some important details during lectures and workshops inside uni, and catching up on this, and making sure you have all the right information, can be key to helping you feel confident about starting, or making progress on, the end of term assignment.
  • Planning your time- with so much time spent inside your student accommodation, it can be easy to keep putting off your assignment or project for another time or day. But you will definitely feel more accomplished and positive if you set aside time each day to focus on this instead. Use a planner, or a calendar to map out the number of days, and break your assignment or project into small steps. Small targets are much more achievable and you can even reward yourself for each milestone you accomplish.
  • Take a break-make sure you take regular breaks to relax and de-stress. With extra tension surrounding Lockdown and social restrictions, you are probably more tense than you realize. Regular breaks and time to unwind can be important for your success.

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