Preston is a great place to live, work and study. With impressive urban development and regeneration, as well as investment in the university itself, it is quickly being recognized as a great place for students. But what make Preston a top student city? Well, here at Let Pads, we are Preston’s number one accommodation providers. We provide a range of high quality, stylish homes for students in a range of sizes, all close to the university and the city centre. And this is our guide to everything you should know about Preston as a student city.

Why is Preston a top student city?

So, what makes Preston a great place for students? Well, lots of things actually, including:

  • The university itself- UCLan is consistently ranking higher and higher in the league tables, as well as expanding courses, and investing in future development. The opening of the EIC for example is just one example of the value that UCLan are adding to the student experience.
  • Low costs- compared to most other areas of the country, Preston has a low cost of living, with lower rents, and cheaper food (and beer) than other university cities. In addition, because Preston is a small city, you can easily get to your lectures on foot. This helps save money on transport, but it’s also nice to be able to use that would-be commuting time for additional sleep!
  • Great food- Preston offers a range of restaurants and cafes for all diets and preferences. You can explore a range of cuisines simply in the city centre, round the corner from university.
  • Top student nightlife- Preston’s student nightlife has been rated as one of the top ten in the country! 

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