Performing Arts and Music students at The University of Central Lancashire have access to an exciting and rewarding curriculum, with hands-on practice-based activities throughout, and some of the most talented staff in the UK. From Wednesday 11 May to Saturday 14 May, first year Music Theatre Students will be showcasing their skills at St. Peter’s Arts Centre, with musical Weird Romance.

Weird Romance is a musical with two separate storylines. Act 1 is titled The Girl Who Was Plugged In, and Act 2 is titled Her Pilgrim Soul, with the themes including love triangles, conflict and the generation gap.

Two different casts will be performing in alternate shows with the students each taking on a range of roles for both production and performing. Speaking on the matter, Head of Social Media and Marketing for the show, Michael Kerr, said:

“Our cast is from all over the UK. Each of us also has a production role. For example, I play a character called Kevin but I am also looking after social media and am a music assistant. For many of us, this is our first show since before Covid, so it would be great to get as many people there as possible.”

Weird Romance will be on at St. Peter’s Arts Centre from Wednesday 11 May to Saturday 14 May.

Tickets are available from TicketSource

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