Whether you are just about to start your first year of university, or you’re heading into your final year, the summer can be a great opportunity for you to boost your CV. And this will all count when it comes to finishing your degree and securing your dream job. So, how could you make your summer count, and improve your CV? Well, here at Let Pads, we have produced these CV boosting tips for your summer.

CV boosting tips for your summer

  1. Volunteer with animals- if you want to show off your caring, compassionate side, a volunteer placement with animals could be a great option. This will help you gain valuable experience that may be relevant to your degree and future job, or might just be a fun way to spend a few hours a week.
  2. Volunteer with children- children’s groups and summer clubs are often crying out for volunteers, and this can be a good opportunity for you to develop your leadership skills as well as empathy and understanding. It will also look great on your CV too.
  3. Paid employment- if you’re already lucky enough to have snagged a paying part time job, you could spend your summer making the most out of this. Employment will always help any CV shine, no matter what type of job you are applying for.
  4. Volunteer relevant to your degree– whichever degree you are studying will have clear career goals and outcomes. You could use this to find volunteering or intern opportunities at companies and businesses that work in your preferred industry, or that use your degree area. This will help give you a head start at the end of your degree.
  5. Start a business- you don’t have to have much money to start a small business. From window cleaning to car washing, students often use their creative talents to build a small local business offering services in their local area. This can help your CV stand out, as it shows your determination and hard work.

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