A big part of being a student is actually attending the lectures and classes while you’re there. Attendance can be an important part of your success at university, making a vital difference to your results. And part of attendance is your punctuality. If you miss the first ten minutes of each lecture, three times a week for a month, you’ve already missed 2 hours of education! But getting into university on time can be a challenge. So what are the options for Improving punctuality for lectures? And how can you be sure to be on time?

What are the effective options for improving punctuality for lectures?

If you’re looking to improve your punctuality and make it on time for your lectures, there are a number of steps you can take, including:

  1. Pre-pack the night before- before you head out for drinks with friends, or to your evening job, pack your bag with the things you’ll need for the following day. Maybe its just a small notepad and pen, or maybe its your laptop, course book and your lunch, but either way, preparing these the night before will save you time in the morning. This means you can get out the door just a little bit earlier.
  2. Set an alarm 10 minutes earlier- If your alarm goes off and you reach for the snooze button twice before getting up, set it for ten minutes earlier than usual. Ten minutes might not seem like a lot, and it wont make much difference to your sleep at night, but it could mean that once you’ve snoozed the alarm already, you’ll be up at the time you originally intended!
  3. Cut out any distractions- on route to university, do you get distracted? Maybe you pop into the shop, or you get held up in traffic, whatever it is, if something causes you to lose time on your way into university, find a different solution. This could make all the difference to your punctuality.

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