If you have just moved into private student accommodation and you are sharing a home with your friends you might have noticed some changes to your friendship dynamic. Living in close quarters with others, and no rules, is a dramatic change for most people and it can take time to figure out tiles and how to live together peacefully . Here at Let Pads we provide a wide range of student accommodation properties and housing across Preston, all close to the UCLan campus. And these are our tips to help you be a great flatmate.

What are the tips for being a great flatmate?

To keep your friendships intact and be a great roomie you should consider:

  • Cleaning up your mess- nobody likes to live with a messy friend who doesn’t clean up after cooking, eating or using the bathroom. If you’re the type of person to leave studying materials all over the dining table, or to stack dirty plates in your room, it might take some effort to remember to clean up, but it could work wonders for your friendships and relationships.
  • Being aware of noise levels- sharing a home with 4 to 7 roommates is never expected to be quiet but at certain times of the day or night you may need to be mindful of the amount of noise you are making. Playing loud music while someone is studying or sleeping for example probably won’t make you any friends.
  • Communicating clearly with your housemates- different people will have different expectations for living together in student housing and its important to communicate clearly, and to listen to each other, to create an environment that is calm and relaxed.

Here at Let Pads, we provide stunning, high quality student accommodation properties across Preston, in easy walking distance of the UCLan campus, and the city centre. And all of our student accommodation is designed with luxury, and relaxation in mind. If you need student housing or student accommodation, why not get in touch today?