With the winding down of lockdown and the restarting of face to face classes and lectures, on top of all the adjustment that have already transformed your student life experience, now is a great time to start an effective self care routine. But what should you be doing to help your mental health and wellbeing?

Important self care tips for students

  1. Take some screen free time- with lectures and classes being mainly online recently, as well as a lot of your socialisation, you have probably been glued to your screen for months. And that’s without including the time spent doom scrolling, or comparing your lockdown achievements to others. Some screen free time can be difficult to fit in, but it can also be worth it just to bring some peace and calm. Oh, screen free doesn’t just mean put the phone down to watch TV, it means no screen at all. Even just half an hour a day can make a big difference.
  2. Get some sleep- in our latest blog we looked at the benefits of sleep for students, and why a great nights sleep is so important. So why not make the effort to get to bed a little earlier, even just for a couple of nights a week. We’re sure you’ll appreciate the benefits.
  3. Get outside- leaving the student housing or halls and enjoying the fresh air can be a great way to take care of your mental wellbeing. Even a short walk can help clear your thoughts and provide a much needed reset for your day. And it’s Spring! You can enjoy the flowers in Avenham or Miller Park, and even support local businesses with a coffee or snack to go.

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