You’ve probably heard it a number of times: but getting a decent night sleep is essential for your brain and body to rest and rest ready for the next day. But how important is sleep for students? And how can you make sure you get a good nights sleep? Well, here at Let Pads, we are Preston’s leading student accommodation providers. And we specialize in providing high end student properties in great locations across Preston. This includes relaxing and comfortable bedrooms. And this is our guide to why students need a good sleep schedule.

Why do students need a good nights sleep?

A good nights sleep can be essential for students. High quality sleep can bring a range of advantages for thinking and learning, including:

  • Keeping you healthy- want to avoid the colds and flu’s hovering around the uni buildings? Then you should try and get a better nights sleep! In just one week of less than six hours of sleep you are four times more likely to get a common cold or cough and blood sugar would be deemed pre-diabetic?
  • Improving cognitive function- the brain is a muscle. And each day that you head to lectures and work on assignments, you’re giving your brain a workout. So just as good physical rest after leg day at the gym is a priority, you also need to rest your brain and sleep, to help form neuron to neuron connections in the brain, and retain what you have learnt.
  • Increase focus- it’s hard to write an essay, assignment or project when your brain is not focused. A good nights sleep can help to increase cognitive focus and attention, and this can help you achieve the best possible grades.

Here at LetPads, all of our bedrooms are designed with for rest and relaxation. Why not take a look at one of our high end student accommodation properties today?