If you’re heading to university this September, you might be making the most of your summer with friends and family, before you leave. But you will no doubt also be preparing for university life. And this also means a whole lot of packing. From food and laundry supplies, to bedding towels and course books, your list to pack might feel endless. But if you haven’t started yet, or you’re still in the midst of it, what are the key things you need to remember? Well, here at Let Pads, we are Preston’s leading student accommodation providers. And this is our guide to packing for uni, and what not to forget!

What not to forget when packing for uni

  1. Kitchen basics- you will need pots, pans, tea towels, cutlery, plates and dishes, and maybe some baking trays too. Oh, and don’t forget the washing up liquid either.
  2. Bedroom basics- for your uni room, you will need a duvet and pillows, bed sheets, and anything else you would like to decorate with. String lights, photos and posters can be a good choice.
  3. Study basics- your laptop, tablet, notepads, pens, folders and USB drives will all be essential. As well as your course text books.
  4. Documents- you will need to bring all important documents with you, including university accommodation documents, university acceptance letter, and student loan documentation, as well as ID cards, driving licence if applicable.
  5. Personal items- these include clothes, toiletries, towels, any tech you need, and any home comforts or trinkets
  6. Laundry items- don’t forget your laundry detergent and washing basket.

Some people also like to start university with a cupboard full of food. This can include things like pasta, bread and cereal, as well as condiments and sauces, and cooking oils, herbs and spices.

If you are set to start university, or return to university, and you need student accommodation, get in touch with the team today, here at Let Pads.