If you’ve been involved in any of the climate change demonstrations over the past few months, or even today in Preston, you undoubtedly care about the environment. But once you’ve got the attention of world leaders, your community and your peers, what then? Well, when you’re living in student accommodation, like the homes we provide here at Let Pads, it can be a great chance for you to take steps to reduce your energy consumption, and increase energy efficiency.

Practical steps for students to reduce energy consumption

So, what can you do to help reduce energy consumption as a student? Well, you should consider:

  • Turning off electrical items when not in use- Stand-by power consumption accounts for up to 13% of residential electricity use. Turning off your appliances like your phone charger and your laptop can greatly reduce the amount of energy you use, and your carbon footprint.
  • Take the bus- here at Let Pads, all of our student accommodation properties are situated near the city centre, and close to the university itself. So you can easily walk to wherever you need to be. But if you need to travel further for work or placement, you should consider using public transport like the bus or train. Preston is well linked to other major cities by rail, so there’s no need to take the car!
  • Turn down the thermostat- when the cold winter nights kick in, reach for another jumper, and not the thermostat. Reducing the temperature you set the thermostat to can help you save energy, use less resources, and cut your carbon footprint.
  • Eat wisely- Choose fruits and vegetables that are produced in the UK, when they are in season. These are usually cheaper than other options, and also have a smaller carbon footprint than imported goods. Choose locally sourced red meat, and try to eat less of it. And try to only purchase the food items you will eat in a week, to reduce any potential food waste.

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