University life can be exciting, fun and interesting. But it can also be tough. Whether you’re a stressed out third year trying to meet deadlines, and consider a career, or an anxious first year struggling away from home, the pressure can be difficult to manage. Here at Let Pads, we understand how much of a challenge uni can be. That’s why we focus on what we do best: providing luxury student accommodation. So you will have somewhere safe and relaxing to call home. And for targeted, specialist support, UCLan’s Counselling, Mental Health and Wellbeing service can help. In fact, UCLan are investing more money than any other university across the UK, into providing high level mental health support for all students, according to The 2020 Student Welfare League Table. This table is designed to evaluate the amount of money higher education institutions put into their student wellbeing services. And UCLan are ranked right at the top.

What is the mental health and wellbeing support at UCLan?

UCLan’s Counselling, Mental Health and Wellbeing service is made up of a team of professional, highly experienced Counsellors, Mental Health Advisors and Wellbeing Advisors, from a range of professional backgrounds.

The Counsellors provide therapeutic counselling and support following a solution focused philosophy.

The mental health advisors support students with a range of difficulties, including, but not limited to: anxiety, depression, eating disorders, suicidal thoughts and self-harm. In addition, they can offer assessment appointments, advice and signposting to help meet the needs of all students.

The Wellbeing Advisors provide effective support, information, and advice and signposting for all issues concerning a student’s well-being. This can include, but is not limited to: alcohol and drug use, safety concerns, stalking and harassment, forced marriage, victims of crime and domestic violence. The Wellbeing advisors can  provide assessments, follow-up appointments and signposting, as well as acting as a liaison with both internal and external services to help support students effectively.

Suicide prevention

UCLan’s Student Support & Wellbeing team are trained and qualified to provide targeted suicide prevention support. You can book an appointment, or attend a drop-in. But if this is closed and you need immediate support, you can contact the university security team, who are highly trained and supportive. You can reach them on this number: 01772 892068.