Here at Let Pads, we are one of Preston’s leading providers of student accommodation across the city centre. But right now, our attention is focused on more than just students. With the Covid-19 pandemic shutting down much of the country, we want you to know that we are here to help!

Getting the Covid-19 vaccination

If you or someone you know has been offered a vaccination appointment, or you are expecting one soon, it’s essential that you take up this offer. Here in Lancashire, we are racing ahead with the vaccination program, with the NHS working tirelessly to immunize and protect the most vulnerable. In fact, Lancashire is on course to have offered a first dose to everyone over the age of 50 by early-mid March. But it’s a community effort, and we all need to play our part.

Preston’s mass vaccination centre

It has recently been revealed that in the coming weeks, a mass vaccination centre will open in Preston, to continue with the impressive roll out so far. Although the location of this has not been confirmed yet, there are other centres in Preston, and the surrounding area, including hospital hubs, that are in action currently.

if you need transport to get to your vaccination appointment, we can put you in touch with the right services to help.

Here at Let Pads, we are in this with everyone to ensure the country beats Covid-19, as soon as possible!