While student halls of residence and dorms are often popular for first year students, these are often allocated on a first come first served basis. So some students will inevitably miss out. While for others, moving into halls shared with many other people can be a little off-putting, and they would prefer to move straight into private accommodation. Either way, there are a number of benefits to choosing private accommodation in the first year. And here at Let Pads, we are Preston’s leading student accommodation providers. We provide high quality accommodation for UCLan students across Preston, with properties situated close to the university itself, and the city centre. And this is our guide to everything you should know about first year student housing in Preston.

So, why should you consider student housing in your first year?

There are a number of benefits and advantages to choosing private or rented student accommodation in the first year of your university experience. These include:

  • Higher standard of living- student accommodation, especially from us here at Let Pads offers luxury accommodation including WiFi and games consoles for your enjoyment. You’ll also have new kitchen and bathroom suites to enjoy, with larger bedrooms and more space in general. Compared with dorms or halls of residence, you’ll enjoy a higher standard of living.
  • Making friends fast- moving into a small student house with four to seven other people makes it much easier to make friends, especially in the first few weeks. Student halls and dorms are often full of thousands of students, and it can be difficult to connect with people. However, this is not a problem in student housing.
  • Similar environment- for many people, moving into student housing means a very similar layout and design to their old homes. In contrast, halls of residence are generally very different, with a lot more people sharing common areas. For some people, moving into a similar environment can help make the adjustment to university life easier.

Here at Let Pads, we provide stunning student accommodation across Preston, with all bills including WiFi included. With central locations, and high quality interiors, our student accommodation could be perfect for you. Why not get in touch today?