Choosing new student accommodation for your second or third year at university is an exciting time. You get to move into a property you choose, with the people you want to live with. And while halls are fun, they don’t really offer the same amount of comfort or independence as choosing your own student house or flat does. But this comes with new responsibilities. And choosing the right home for you, involves making some tricky decisions. Including the location of your residence. Here at Let Pads, we are Preston’s leading student accommodation providers. And we have produced this guide exploring why the location of your student accommodation is so important.

Why is student accommodation location so important?

So, while you’re making a decision about which property to move into, why should you move the location close to the top of the list of requests? Of course the condition of the property, your budget, and the available space should all be important considerations. But so should the location. And here’s why:

  • Location can make or break your social life- moving away from student areas in any city can be an easy way to kill off your social life. When you have a tight budget to manage, and taxi’s are factored in, your nights out wont be what they once were. Or what they could be if you lived in the student areas. On the plus side, your flat or house is less likely to become the party house, so you’ll have no morning after mess to clean up.
  • Location can help your studies- if you move to a location further away from the university, you might struggle to make it to lectures and classes on time. Especially if you are relying in public transport. This can have a negative effect on your education. As a result, choosing a property within walking distance to the university can be a great idea.

Here at Let Pads, all of our properties are close to UCLAN, and close to the city centre. This means that you wont miss out on anything!