Studying, revising and working on projects while living in student accommodation can be a real challenge. And with final projects, final exams, and dissertations fast approaching, this is the term where things get serious. So how can you get prepared?

Our top 3 study tips for your final project or dissertation

  1. Take breaks- working for a set amount of time before taking a small break, and then restarting, can be one of the most productive ways to study or prepare for any piece of work. The upcoming break provides something positive to work towards, and its easy to put distractions to one side knowing that you will soon have time to handle those. A 25 minute working time, with a 5 minute break, is one of the most effective time combinations.
  2. Change your work space- we have all been stuck inside too long over the past year, and this means that what was originally your study space might now be preoccupied or have been repurposed. But you need to clean this off, and organise it with everything you need for studying, so that you have a designated study area to help focus your mind. You would be amazed at how much more productive this could help you be. Remove everything that might be distracting from your workspace too.
  3. Understand your own study skills- are you the type of student who studies more effectively in a loud environment, or do you need peace and quiet? Do you have the motivation to study for long periods of time, or will you need to break this up with other activities or responsibilities? Whatever you need to perform well, make a plan and follow this through.

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