Hey with the new university campus almost finished at UCLAN with the £200 million masterplan now finally coming to a near completion its absolutely amazing to see the new transformation. UCLAN can now easily match up to the likes of Liverpool university and Manchester MET university etc in fact never mind just matching them from what we are seeing they will be head and shoulders above them at this rate.

One thing we keep seeing and hearing from people is the lack of parking, for students wanting to go to lectures or people in general who just want to go and get a sandwich or a haircut or get there phone sorted at some of the local shops near there. Well all your answers have come answered as there are 2, yes 2 seperate parking facilities on st peters street literally the same road as the library and with prices from as little as 70p an hour who can complain about that, especially when it takes all the stress out of trying to find somewhere to park in that busy area.

So if you want to get to that lecture and cant be bothered walking, or knip in to the library to crunch a few hours or just knip to the shops and fill that empty belly or get that fine ready to look hair for that special night out……….look no further worry no more peeps because st peters st pay as you parking has come to your rescue woop woop!