Whether you decided to move in with friends from your course, or you are house sharing with totally new people, learning how to live in a shared accommodation setting is crucial. From meal times and cooking, to sharing the bathroom and living areas, it can be difficult to adjust to shared living. And one of the biggest issues that often arises is the need for shared chores in student accommodation. Keeping your new home clean and tidy is a good way to help you enjoy your student pad, and feel more productive and energized. But with heavy deadlines and coursework, working part time jobs, and socializing too, it can become easy to neglect your student accommodation.

Considerations for sharing chores in student accommodation

There are a number of different ways to divide chores equally and effectively. These include:

  • Each person being responsible for cleaning a portion or room that is shared- the living room, kitchen, and bathroom are all shared spaces. So dividing these rooms between you, you can be sure that your whole home will be clean, or clean ish, nearly all the time. However, it’s important to make sure each flat member takes care of their own dishes, otherwise the kitchen can become a challenge to keep clean.
  • Play to your strengths- For example, if one person is a great cook, they might be prepared to make meals for the whole house, in exchange for others washing the dishes. Alternatively, if someone is great at hoovering, and another has the perfect bathroom cleaning technique, you can easily divide chores into those suited for each person.
  • Each person takes care of their own mess- of course, if every member of your student accommodation is prepared to clean up after themselves, every time, then your student accommodation should stay relatively clean all the time.

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