Here at Let Pads, we provide stunning, high quality student accommodation properties across Preston, in easy walking distance of the UCLan campus, and the city centre. And all of our student accommodation is designed with luxury, and relaxation in mind. The earlier you start to consider properties for your second year, the more choice you will have. As a result, we have produced this guide to everything you need to consider when finding student accommodation for your second year.

Important tips for finding student accommodation for your second year

Preparing to find the perfect student accommodation for your second year can involve a number of steps, including:

  • Making decisions about who you’d like to live with- although its still early in the year, you’ve probably formed some strong bonds already. And if you haven’t met your crowd yet- don’t worry! You will do. Deciding who to live with can be a difficult decision. So you should consider how well you know your friends, and whether you’d really like to spend so much time in their company. This will also help to determine the size of the property you should consider.
  • Decide where you’d like to live- if you already know who you’d like to live with, you could start to consider where in Preston you’d like to live. Close to the university, also means close to the city centre. This can make weekly shopping, and travel to lectures much easier. But if you can drive, you might think about somewhere a little bit further away. Although this will increase your weekly and monthly costs.
  • Work out your budget- make sure you find a property that everyone can live at, for the right price. You don’t want to be living with people who cant afford to pay the rent, or their share, so find a property that suits the budget of everyone you pan to live with.

For luxury student accommodation across Preston, get in touch with the experts today, here at Let Pads.