On the 4th and 5th of November, UCLan are hosting a large careers festival with over 100 employers, recruiters, voluntary organisations and post-graduate course leaders on campus! This a great opportunity for students at every stage of university to practice their networking skills and look for future career opportunities in different industry sectors. Here at Let Pads, we are Preston’s leading private student accommodation providers. And we know how important it is for our tenants to succeed after university life. And careers fairs can be a great starting point.

Careers fairs for first and second year students

Going to a careers fair when you have only attended university for a couple of months might feel a little premature, but this can be a good opportunity to practice your networking skills. At some point, you will be in your final year, or applying for jobs. And these networking skills are an incredibly important tool for future success.

In addition, the careers festival at UCLan can help you find volunteering opportunities and work experience, to boost your CV and help improve your career chances in the future.

Careers fairs for final year students

If you are in your final year, a careers fair can be a great time to meet a range of employers. Regardless of which degree you are studying for, a careers fair will suit the needs of students entering into a range of industries. And networking with industry leaders is a great chance for your skills to be noticed, and for connections to be built that will be helpful after graduation. It can also give you a chance to learn about what they are looking for, and using your final year to gain experience and skills in these particular areas.

How to prepare for a successful careers fair

To prepare for a careers fair, you should consider:

  • researching the employers that most interest you and making a timetable so that you can be sure to visit them all, in the allotted time
  • planning interesting, informed and relevant questions for the employers
  • try UCLan’s “Prepare for the “Fair” quiz.