Now that term has well and truly started, you might have picked up your first deadlines for multiple assignments issued at the same time. And managing these multiple deadlines can be a real challenge. At least until you are prepared and organised. But it’s also one of the most important life lessons that you’ll take away from your university experience. So, what can you do to manage deadline pressure and turn your assignments in on time?

Top tips for managing deadlines for university coursework

Planning is key to making sure you hit all your deadlines. From presentations and essays, to analysis and reviews, deadlines can begin to pile up and snowball until you feel overwhelmed. But a clear, logical plan can help you organise your work, and your time, so you can get your work in on time. You should:

  • record the due dates for all your assignments
  • block out times when you are busy in lectures, working or studying
  • organise the time remaining to leave room for assignment work and socializing, so you don’t become a hermit!

From your mobile phone calendar to an academic planner or diary, to a post it note system, you can set reminders for yourself of when to work on which assignments. Colour coding often helps so that assignment categories can be instantly recognized.

Plan free time

Make sure you plan enough free time so that you can relax and switch off. This is important for your well-being, but it also helps consolidate any new information, and this can even help you be more productive when you are working on assignments.

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