As the academic year kicks off, in today’s blog we are talking about how to make the most of University life. For many students this could be your first time living away from home, or living in a shared accommodation with friends. Let’s face it for most of you it will be a shock. We at Let pads try and help you in every step of the way, so don’t ever hesitate to get in touch with us!

Settling in

First year of university is different experience for everyone. This is because everyone went to different schools and learnt different content. You need some time to make sure that everyone has the same base understanding ready for the second year when your grades really start to count! So, don’t worry if you’re feeling like you don’t understanding the work or are slight behind- this is normal.

If you are really concerned or struggling, I would recommend making use of your personal tutor or student services.


Starting university can feel like such a big change in so many ways, that why it’s so important to make use of the services available regardless of how small you may think a problem is.

Solving it quickly prevents it from getting any bigger. Sometimes best way to deal with academic stress is to just take some time out. This can feel counter-intuitive when you have work pilling up.  You will already know what things help you relax whether that is going to the gym, or a quick walk or a run. Preston has some cheap gyms available I have put some link below.




Get out of your comfort zone

Coming from another town or city to Preston it can be a shock. You may realise non-cosmopolitan cities in the UK exist. So, let’s face it, most of us have been sheltered our whole lives up till going to university. It is privilege, but when you get to university, you grow up a whole lot- and it’s fun!

Go and try things you’ve never done before, join new clubs check out the website below


Don’t be afraid to have boundaries

Everyone and everything will want your attention at university, so make sure you take time out for yourself. Don’t feel obliged to attend everything, you can be selective and say NO!  Remember, you are also at university to study so try to balance out your work and play.

Rest up

If you’re not resting properly, your mental and physical health will suffer. This is why boundaries are important to ensure that you’re putting your health first. You don’t want to feel burnt out very early of the term. Make sure you get your beauty sleep, drink your water and eat well.

Use university as an opportunity to build you up to who you really are. Make the most of university and living with your friends. The flexibility you have, and the endless opportunities to do new things and meet new people are things hard to find once you start working full time. Enjoy your time, as it will go quick!

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