With your first term in full swing you’ll likely have met your new housemates and some of the people on your course. But it can be difficult to approach others. So what can you do to make more friends at university?

Effective tips for making friends at university

There are a couple of different ways to make friends at university, including:

  • Joining some societies- whether its a sports club or an activist group, or something more academic, at UCLan you will find a wide range of societies and clubs to join. These are open for people who are totally new with no experience, to those that who already have refined skills in these areas. As a result, you can try something new, or continue a hobby you love, and you’ll have plenty of opportunity to meet new people and make new friends too.
  • Join in on social media– if your course has social media groups or pages it can be very beneficial to join these. Not only will you get information quickly and easily, which can be very useful if for example your lesson moves room at short notice, but you can also start to build positive relationships with people you might not get to talk to or work in groups with otherwise. This can be a straight forward way to make new friends.
  • Prop open your door- if you don’t quite know your flatmates yet, why not prop open your bedroom door. This makes it much easier to have quick chats with people just passing by and it means you wont miss out on anything either.

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