Whether your are in your first year at university, or your final year, returning to study after the winter break can be slow and challenging. Maintaining your motivation is an important first step for succeeding for the rest of the year, but how can you stay motivated through the second term?

Effective options for maintaining motivation in your second term?

There are a number of strategies you can consider for raising your motivation level and keeping it high. These include:

  • Plan out the term- if you have the details of your timetable and schedule it can be a great idea to add these to your planner so you can see exactly what you have on each week. If you also work, this can make it much easier to fit in shifts and still find time for fun as well as studying. It also means that you know when exams or deadlines will be coming up, so you can organise your time around this.
  • Set out your goals- its easier to keep motivation high if you have something concrete and obtainable to aim for. While you are probably aiming to graduate, if you’re not in your final year already, this goal may be a little far off. Instead choose a goal for the year, or even just the term. Working towards an achievable target can give you drive and commitment on the more difficult days.
  • Have fun- don’t forget to have fun and enjoy your university experience. Committing to work only will quickly leave you burnt out and unhappy so its important to achieve balance.

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