With Christmas right around the corner, now can be a good time to begin to make some key decisions for second year student accommodation. Once you arrive back for the January term, there will only be around 6 months left of your first university year. And during this time you will have deadlines, studying, and exams to consider. As well as finding somewhere to live for the following September. And while it’s too early to go and visit different student accommodation properties, there are some things you can start deciding on now. Here at Let Pads, we are Preston’s leading student accommodation providers. With close ties to UCLAN, and fantastic, luxury properties around the City, we can offer something for everyone. And we know that when it comes to student properties, the best ones are always the first to go. So this is out guide to help you get started, right away.

What are some key decisions for second year student accommodation?

So, what are some of the important decisions you can make now, in terms of your future student accommodation? Well, there are some things to consider, including:

  • How many people would you like to live with?– You’ve probably jumped right into university life and made a number of friends. And if you haven’t yet, you will do soon! But do you want to live with a large group in an 8 bedroom house? Or would you rather keep things small with a three or four bed home? Well, either way here at Let Pads, we offer a number of different types of properties, to suit everyone.
  • Where would you like to be located?- Living close to the university, also means that you will be close to the city centre. This can make weekly shopping, and travel to lectures much easier, not to mention finding your way home after a heavy night. But if you can drive, you might think about somewhere a little bit further away. Although this will increase your weekly and monthly costs.

For luxury student accommodation across Preston, get in touch with the experts today, here at Let Pads.