Its January, Christmas trees have gone down, the dark nights are still here. Temperature is still cold and motivation is generally low making it a quite miserable month. Hope you all students are all ok, eaten well and rested. January also means exam time. Before you jump into revising, you may have to set up a plan or a timetable, a realistic one too.

Setting a realistic time table
A basic week by week calendar with measurable goals and the topics that you need to cover is an excellent place to start. This way revision isn’t as overwhelming as it may sound and you can track your progress and adjust along the way. Having a timetable also helps with adding structure to your day and will ease the pressure to always feel productive all the time.

Revision Strategy
After you have set your plan, establish a study strategy that works for you. Everyone has a unique technique- it could be flashcards, talking it out or watching videos- so you have to find what’s best for you. Don’t just rely on your class notes or slides from your tutors, extend your research beyond the course outline and the recommended reading list. While most revision guides will suggest revising in the morning is best, that might not work for everyone. So, don’t beat yourself for a short-lie-in if that means you’re getting the rest you need to be fully productive.

Study Buddies
Reach out to other students and you can support each other. One of the best ways to learn is by working with others who are just as serious and committed to their goals. As a group, you can reinforce what you know, exchange ideas and different perspective on certain topics or just compare notes.

Seek Help
Don’t be scared to seek help, that’s what tutors, friends and other professionals are there for.

Taking some ME – time
Trying to do the same thing day in and day out can be draining. So, take some time out for yourself, whether that’s going to the gym or going to restaurants, pub or shopping.
Perhaps read a book, catch up on films and TV, listen to music – as long as its enjoyable and helps take your mind of the stress, it’s all good.

Keep in touch
Checking in with friends and family near or far is always a good idea. A simple Hi, how are you? Can offer a lot of help to someone who is in need, and a quick talk can sometimes work wonders.

And, above all enjoy January and revising it will be over soon!!


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