Finding somewhere to live in your university city is never easy. And with competition from thousands of other students, it can be even more difficult. Everyone wants to find the best quality place to call home for the next 1 to 3 years, but what are the features of high quality student accommodation? And what should you look out for while viewing?

Features of high quality student accommodation

so what are the features you should look out for when viewing a property, that will set this apart from others? Well, high quality student accommodation should include:

  • All bills included in the cost- this is a huge advantage for any student, although it doesn’t necessarily mean that your accommodation will be high standard, most professional accommodation providers will include all bills, including WiFi. It does also mean that it will be much easier to budget for the month.
  • High standard bathrooms and kitchens- the bathrooms and kitchens in any property are the space that often need the most work, and to be replaced most frequently. In a high quality student accommodation property, the kitchen and bathroom fixtures should be high standard, modern, and clean for your viewing.
  • Spacious bedrooms- the bedrooms are one of the most important considerations for you as the student, and these should be well designed and spacious. Of course in older properties it is very common to have a “box room” or a smaller room, but the majority of the bedrooms should be doubles.
  • Legal requirements– a high quality student accommodation space will follow all legal requirements including those related to electrical and gas safety, as well as fire safety.

Here at Let Pads, we provide stunning student accommodation across Preston, with all bills including WiFi included. With central locations, and high quality interiors, our student accommodation could be perfect for you. Why not get in touch today?