Are you feeling burnt out? Or struggle to say no to people? Struggling to feel empathy for others? You could have compassion fatigue. There are many other symptoms that you could have too physical, mental or emotional. Compassion fatigue can negatively impact and impair an individual’s personal, social and occupational functioning and psychological health problems such as depression, anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder and substance use disorder.

We at Let pads care passionately care about our students so if you are feeling any of the above you should try and seek some help.

Emotional Symptoms
Feeling over whelmed, hopeless, helpless or powerless when hearing of others suffering. Feelings of anger, irritability, sadness and anxiety. You could also feel detached from your surrounding or from our physical or emotional experience. Limited tolerance for stress.

Cognitive symptoms
Constant thinking or dwelling around things, constant self-blame or thoughts I could have done more. Changes in belief systems (such as belief about self, others, world, future) or meaning in life. Reduce sense of personal and occupational accomplishment or efficacy.

Physical symptoms
Nausea, dizziness, headaches, difficulty in sleeping and nightmares. Being tense, agitated and on edge.

Behaviour symptoms
Self-isolation and withdrawal, poor coping, feeling less efficient or productive at work. Reduced pleasure in activities that you used to enjoy and reduced work satisfaction.

Self-care is very important try and look after yourself. Eat healthy and set time for physical exercise and be kind to themselves. Encourage in proper sleep habits, schedule meaningful activities, seek quality social support. Its always good to try and think positive and have a sense of humour. Focus on balancing work and your personal life. Emotional self-care is also very critical. First responders must set healthy and personal and emotional boundaries in terms of what works for them and what doesn’t, and only take on what they can feel they can handle. Its important to keep in mind emotional boundaries will likely to change over time and that they can maintain compassion connection and empathy without overly taking time on someone’s else’s pain or suffering or tragedy.

Uclan support services has invested a lot into the support for students. There are various services available at the student services Uclan .The inclusive support team are fully committed to enabling access to all individuals who seek to benefit from our educational activities. There are student wellbeing ambassadors who can also help. They are current students, who have received specialised training to support Uclan students.

Don’t suffer in silence there is plenty of help out there







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