It’s at this time of year that university life generally becomes a little more serious. Deadlines and assignments will become more frequent, and of course the end of year exams are in sight already. So you need to devote some attention to creating the perfect study space, as part of your student bedroom. So how can you achieve this? Well, here at Let Pads, all of our student accommodation properties are finished to a high standard, with bedrooms that include double beds and desks, as well as fully included WiFi. But while we provide all the essentials, you’ll have to do the rest yourself. And this is our guide to how you can create a great space for studying.

Creating the perfect study space

To create the most effective study area, you should consider:

  • Focusing on one part of your room, and positioning your desk, books and resources around this space. This will help you be more productive when it comes to assignments and revision, because everything you need will be right where you need it to be. This can also help you develop a more professional attitude to self directed assignments and study.
  • Invest in a good light, unless you can position your desk towards a window with plenty of natural light. The light actually helps you stay focused and energized while studying, so your brain can keep firing on all cylinders.
  • Remove the distractions like the TV, games consoles and even your phone. Make sure your desk is facing a wall, so you are not visually distracted by the rest of your room. You could however use a noticeboard to pin up important reminders to yourself above the desk. This will help keep you on task, and help you stay organised all year.

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