It’s that time of year again with UCLan’s freshers events beginning on the 27th of September. So while your packing up and preparing for your new university course, you might be wondering how you can make friends with all the freshers you will meet. From your new room-mates to strangers in the bar, you’ll probably be answering a lot of the same old questions. So, how can you bring something different to the conversation? And make a great first impression?

Conversation starters for breaking the ice in Freshers week

We predict that over the next week, you’ll hear a lot of:

  • Where are you from?
  • What A-Levels did you do?
  • What course are you studying?
  • What do you want to do when you leave uni?

And while these aren’t necessarily bad questions, they don’t tell you much about the people you’re talking to. Unless you’re from the same place, or taking the same course, this type of question wont really help you find any common ground. Why not try:

  • Are you thinking about joining any societies or clubs? This will give you an idea of the other persons interests or hobbies and hopefully something more interesting for you both to discuss.
  • Are you staying in halls? But not in a creepy way! Not every student stays on site. Some might travel in, while others will be staying in other accommodation, which is what we can offer here at Let Pads.
  • Have you been to Preston before? This can help you share information about the local area, and maybe even arrange a trip to a local point of interest, for you to all find your feet together.

And when in doubt, why not ask about something you’re interested in, be it music, sports, reading or gaming. Common interests can be a great starting point for any conversation.

Student accommodation at Letpads

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