At this time of year many students will be working in part time, or temporary jobs. But what are the benefits of securing part time work as a student? And how can this help in the long term?

What are the benefits of part time jobs for students?

There are a number of advantages to securing a part time job as a student and these include:

  • Improved financial skills- not only will a part time job provide you with the opportunity to earn money but you will also have the opportunity better balance your own finances and develop improved budgeting skills.
  • Work experience- whether its retail or hospitality, experience in any field will help students to gain valuable work experience which is essential for building your CV. This can even help improve your chances of full time work on graduation.
  • Time management skills- part-time jobs can help students develop time management skills as you will need to balance  studies with your work schedule.
  • Responsibility- taking on a part-time job can help balance more responsibilities and learn the importance of time-keeping, deadlines, and working as part of a team. Developing a strong work ethic is something that will help any student in the long term.
  • Networking- Part-time jobs can provide students with the opportunity to network and make connections in their field of study. This can be beneficial in the long term, as these connections can lead to internships, job opportunities, and other career opportunities.

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