Students at UCLan have the option of joining a wide range of student societies. In fact, there are more than 70 different societies available to join. But what are the advantages and benefits of joining one of these societies?

What are the top reasons to join a University society?

There are a number of advantages and benefits to joining a student society during your time at university. These advantages include:

  • Making new friends- student societies are a great way to meet like-minded people with a common or shared interest. Whether it’s a sports society or a social group, there’s bound to be a society that suits your interests. You can even create a new society if you can’t find the perfect one to join. And you’ll have a whole new bunch of friends to enjoy university life with.
  • Developing new skills – joining a student society can be a great opportunity to develop new skills like teamwork and leadership, as well as learning the practical skills that may be involved in the society itself. A successful student society usually depends on meetings, events and fundraising, and for all of this planning and organisation will be essential. Incidentally these are some of the most useful skills that you can learn, and they will transfer to any industry area once you complete your university course.
  • Concrete examples for job interview scenarios- when you go for job interviews upon finishing University you’ll be asked to provide examples of times when you have achieved success, performed well under pressure or brought people together. Using the experience you have learnt from a student society can be a great way to let your potential employers know exactly what your skills are and how you have applied these during successful scenarios in the past. This can even be helpful for the CV and the standard job application process too.

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