Now that you have moved out of home, and living at one of the Letpads houses, you are officially classed as semi-independent. You will realise how important house hold essentials are like baking trays, foil paper, washing up liquid to your day-too- day life.

There is nothing like walking around the shops and looking at things to make your bedrooms like home. We at Letpads offer you an option to design your own rooms that is something to consider when you are looking at our houses!


All the bedrooms at Letpads are an excellent standard, from fresh painted walls to eye catching lampshades. All you would need to bring with you is your favourite prints, photos and fairy lights. You will want to pin these up soon as you arrive. All our houses come with desks, chairs and a mattress so you don’t need to bother with this. Duvet and pillows are obvious one- but essential nevertheless. If you don’t spend a large amount of time in bed before, prepare too. Preston has a wide variety of supermarkets. Preston has an Asda, Sainsburys for all your essentials. Asda is in Fulwood, and Sainsbury is in Deepdale. There is also Home Bargains, which is located in the town centre for all your essentials.  Sellotape and scissors are a pair everyone forgets about. You will need this for sticking things on the wall or for birthdays. Wilko’s is located in the town centre and there is also another store at the Deepdale retail park. Deepdale retail park also has some high street stores available, such as Boots, Superdrug’s and Poundland.

A top tip for making most of your storage space in one of our houses at Letpads is to make an alternative wardrobe. Grab yourself some storage boxes or extra hangers, they are brilliant for keeping your room tidy and not having to use your desk chair as a place to put your dressing gown on. A basic hanger from Amazon and Wilkos averages at £3,


Living in one of our houses at Letpads will mean sharing a bathroom. You may have been dreading this as you may have heard some horror stories. The only annoying thing can be is when you want a shower, your housemate decides they want to practice their singing voice in the bathroom. The bathrooms at Letpads houses are specially designed for our students, with high power shower system and accessible features within, so rest assured your housemate will have had enough in the shower by 10 minutes. Toiletries, toilet cleaner, toilet roll and soap are all necessities for living anywhere, not just university. The best supermarket for getting these are Aldi’s, which is situated near the university. You can buy all these under a £5. Towels can be bought across the supermarkets too. A bathmat is the purchase you will thank yourself later for sure. You might be the only student to bring one, but it will save you from slipping, and sliding everywhere. You can pick one of these from one off the supermarkets mentioned above.


The kitchen is about to become your hub for student life. It’s where you will end up hosting and cooking for all your friends. This is where the party will start and end! Cutlery including a sharp knife needs to be on your shopping list. Cutlery, is a key to eating so maybe invest in a good set to last you through university. You won’t realise how much you will need a sharp knife, until you start cutting that onion with a butter knife. Wilkos, is best for this and you can buy individual sets of cutleries for under £2. Plates and bowls are obviously essential to eat in. You can pick these up from any of the supermarkets.

Tea towels and freezer bags are necessary for different reasons. Towel for drying your stuff and freezer bags for making most of your weekly shop last longer on your tight budget.

I hope you enjoy staying at Letpads, and don’t forget to recommend us to your friends who may be looking for a house for next year, we have a refer a friend scheme please contact us to get more information on this and how much you can earn.