Over the past year online learning has become an everyday part of life for students across the UK. But at this point, a number of people are finding it difficult to continue, and are struggling from zoom burnout. So how can you push through and keep your grades up through this challenging period?

3 tips for surviving online lectures

  1. Prepare first- always prepare before an online lecture begins. This can include a range of factors, including:
    • Preparing the software before the lecture or workshop begins so that you wont miss out on any valuable learning time because of a technology glitch. This can also mean setting up the software for you to note take on, if you plan to do this on the laptop too.
    • Prepare your space with the books, notepads, and equipment you might need.
    • Grab your drink and place it somewhere near, but not dangerously near the laptop!
    • Prepare your thoughts to focus on the discussion and learning. Take a few deep breaths and try to get in the zone.
  2. Ask for help- online learning is quite a bit different to regular learning and you might find that it is easy to miss key pieces of information when trying to learn online. As a result, you should always be ready to ask for help, as soon as you need it. Email your tutor with any questions or queries so that you can stay on the right track.
  3. Take a break- don’t forget to take a break. Working from a desk focused on online learning all day can be a real drain. Have a break, stretch your legs and don’t forget to take your daily exercise outside, unless you are self isolating. This can really help you come back to learning more focused and engaged.

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